Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Almost 2 months old!

So...we're about 2 months into this whole 2nd child deal... Allie does really well with Hailey, but is definitely acting out about not getting enough attention. She's been doing things she's never tried before, and stuff I never thought I'd see her do.. ugh. But I know I've got to be understanding, and hopefully the "time of transition" will be over soon!!?? Other than that we are doing so good :) Hailey is growing every day and getting chubbier and chubbier I LOVE it!! She's smiling a lot, cooing a lot, and sleeping much better now too.

Shaun is done working part time at Home Depot, and has a couple weeks off until he starts his senior year of school, yay! it'd be much more fun if we had money to take a vacation while we have the time... but we'll just have to enjoy the time together and do cheap things around town. The next year of school is going to be super hard for all of us. Shaun's degree is very hard and every assignment is extremely time consuming. I hope I can be supportive and not an extra burden through this last stretch of school. Then when he's done we'll start the exciting/scary journey to "what's next" and WHERE is the key part of this... not sure where the right job will be for Shaun and if we'll have to move. So we'll see what God has in store for us....

I'm excited for Allie to start school also in sept... she's going to her first year of elementary school! the big K! I hope the school by our house is good enough and a safe place for her cause that's all we've got. can't afford fancy/expensive private schools (at least now) so I'm going to try and be involved and volunteer at her school as much as I can! it's within walking distance so I'm excited to have the option of walking her to school, and getting in an exercise routine as well! :)

oh yea and I've signed allie up for soccer! I'll let you know how that goes when it gets going..;)

ok... that's all for now folks!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

OK.... so I didn't post about the

I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone.... I was working full time and mom and wife full time at home, so computer time just wasn't in the cards, esp while trying to catch a nap here and there! My pregnancy went well just like the first time, and both baby and I were healthy and happy (most of the time ;) Our sweet little Hailey was born on July 2nd! :) just 2 days after Allie's 5th birthday! the birthday parties are going to be "interesting" we'll see if they like it or not... haha.

I've been blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom now, and I'm LOVING it! working just isn't for me... I'm a bit "insubordinate" LOL. I don't like bosses, and they don't like me. But that's beside the point... I'm so so so happy to be home with my girls, and getting ready to send Allie to Kindergarten in September! Shaun is working on finishing his Electrical Engineering degree at PSU, and when he's graduated and looking for a job in that field it will be an all new adventure of the unknown... we'll see where the job is and where it takes us!

here's a few pictures of our little Hailey Grace ;)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

When Allie's 5.....

She'll have a new baby brother or sister. :) That's what we've told Allie to help her know when the baby is coming... yep. the baby.  We are within a week of starting the second trimester and feel that we can freely let all of our friends and loved ones know of our happy news!  

Everything is going fine just as it did with the first pregnancy, so we all pray that trend continues :)  We are all very excited and blessed that God has given us this opportunity and incredible blessing.  I intend to keep friends and family updated on my blog with pictures and post of my progress throughout the pregnancy.  Here are a couple ultrasound pictures from my 12 week visit last week.  I'll do a belly picture a little further down the line and post a new belly picture regularly to show baby's growth :)  

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

This post will definitely not convey our entire Christmas Season this year, but we have a few pictures to share.  It's been busy but very fun, especially with all the SNOW!!! yea.. it's been awesome!  So we've been enjoying it and not taking pictures as we should.  :) Enjoy....

Halloween 2008

So Allie was a Bride this year, she had lots of fun in her pretty dress! Mommy and Daddy didn't dress up this year, but we had a great time going with her to the church harvest party with all the games and treats! Her favorite thing was the huge inflatable slide and the bounce house! Those were  a hit this year! We also went trick or treating the next night with Allie's little buddie Orion and his parents and our friends Amanda and Nathan Skinner. That was loads of fun and loads of CHOCOLATE!  Here are some pictures of Allie's Halloween :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We have a new member of the family!

His name is Bo ;]  he's such a good boy, he sits on command (we're working on lay down) and he hardly ever barks, and it's low mellow bark... so cute! He doesn't really need a leash although we use it for safety when we're out walking. He follows right next to you or very close by, never runs off, actually comes to you when you call!hahah.. this is all very new and fun to have a dog that obeys! :) poor sadie she's having a rough time adjusting but she has already warmed up a lot. We're hoping they will learn to love each other and become playmates... sadie could really use someone to be attached to esp while we're not home... so that's the goal :)  Bo loves sadie of course, he's always ready to play.  He's about 8 months now, we adopted him from a lady who'd kept him this long since birth because he was born with a cleft pallet, meaning the roof of his mouth didn't fully form and was left slightly open and is at large risk for infection if food or germs get stuck in the open space.  they said he's been doing fine with this birth defect and knew he was ready to go home with a loving family.  we had him checked out at our vet and they recommend a surgery that will correct the gap and he'll be good as new.  He goes in 10/24  and will get his manhood taken away at the same time lol.  Mommy's happy that she finally gets a big dog :) we're having lots of fun with him... I love that he's so good! haha..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Big fella"

This isn't the best picture ever but it'll do ;) this is the one Shaun got me(White) and the little one allie got at burger king (pink)  ;0)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i-dog ;)

So Shaun bought me an i-dog tonight simply because we went through burger king for dinner on our way to church tonight and Allie got a mini i-dog toy in her kids meal, and mommy was fascinated by it.  I was all ready to go back to burger king on our way home and either buy another kids meal and pretend I wasn't only in it for the toy, or beg the girl working if I can just buy one of the i-dogs with out the meal which we didn't need or want, haha! I thought it was so cute, I was just going to put it on my desk to look at and I knew allie wouldn't give her's up lol!   So then Shaun says why don't we just go down to fred meyer and you can get a real one and use it with your ipod! .......awwwwww :) he's so good to me...

Allie kept calling him "big fella" on the way home it was hilarious... cause her's is smaller and didn't really do anything other than a button that lit up the face like the real idog does.  So she was impressed with "the big fella". haha... 

here's a performance from Snoop Dog in honor of dogs and my new i-dog ;) thanks sweetie!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

it's been a while...

So I'm just going to say a quick hello and get a new post up here lol. It's been a busy but really fun summer so far, we've gone camping like 6 times! and to the beach, and had Allie's birthday party, and other b-day parties, and bbq's... just lots of fun stuff... too much to keep up with on my blog! :) I do have some pics posted on myspace, but there's still lots more I need to get up somewhere.. it's hard to keep up with all the programs these days.. if I post pictures it seems like I've got to put them on my blog, myspace, and facebook just too keep everyone in the loop :)

So anyway.. hope every one's summer has been great! you'll have to give me little updates! We still have our "Hanna Montana" vacation coming up at the end of this month! whoohooo! we can't wait! gonna be tons of fun :) I might try to post a couple times while we're there in Montana with some pictures.. it will be my first time there, and I'll be all excited about everything.. Shaun doesn't get it but I know I'll have a blast!

have a good one!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks everyone :)

All the supportive comments were very sweet. and really it just reinforces that the true friends I have care, and pay attention. I'm privileged to have you all as such good friends, it just will always bother me to have "so so" friends, ya know? I'm just not the kind to befriend someone without giving it my all.

Hope everyone had a great mem day weekend! I am working on the pictures for my post :) coming soon! :)

ta ta for now.....

tell someone you love them today.